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Commissioner For Oath

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Witnessing documents and affidavits:

When attending the office we require proof of identity .


You must produce your original passport or driving license. A copy will be taken and files together with a copy of the document to be sworn.

Utility Bill

You must prove your current residential address by producing a recent utility bill (not being a mobile phone bill) addressed to you at your stated address within the previous three months.

Please complete the documents

Fill in all the gaps in the documentation to the best of your ability beforehand

Please do not present yourself to the Commissioner and then commence filling in a lengthy form. It is a waste of the Commissioner’s time; it may be stressful for you, and you may make a mistake under pressure.

Understanding the Documents

It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the document you intend to sign and have notarised.
The Commissioner will ask you to confirm that all the information you provided in correct before you sign it in his or her presence.

Take whatever legal or other advice you need before going to the office. The Commissioner is normally only concerned with the verification of your identity, your name, your address and your signature. The contents of the documents, their meaning and effect, and whether you are wise to sign them, are all your responsibility.


The fee is €10 per signature witnessed.

If you require a certified copy of a document, the fee is €10 per document.

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