Acquired Brain Injury

Orthopaedic Negligence


What is an Acquired Brain Injury?

Acquired Brain Injury is any brain injury caused by a stroke, a brain haemorrhage, an infection, a tumour, lack of oxygen or an accident. Many Acquired Brain Injuries occur as a result of traffic or workplace accident, a fall, an assault or a sports injury.


What are the Consequences?

Most people with an acquired brain injury make a good physical recovery.

For some people, what changes is the way they think and feel, how they talk, and relate to others, their memory, and how they experience the world.

Medical Negligance

Some of these changes may only be obvious to close family and friends. This is why acquired brain injury is known as a ‘hidden disability’ and can bring the injured person and their family many hidden challenges. This means that brain injury doesn’t just happen to one person – it happens to a whole family.