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Buying a second hand house

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With the Caveat Emptor rule (Buyer Beware)applying to the purchase of a second hand house, Seamus Maguire and Co Solicitors will advise you on every aspect of the purchase to ensure you are fully protected.

Seamus Maguire and Co Solicitors will guide you from the very moment the purchase is agreed through to the completion of all documents, both from the mortgage bank and the vendor’s solicitor.

The property Solicitor allocated to the matter will meet with you and discuss the procedure involved, the timeframe for the transaction and all of the documents, both for the purchase of the property and the loan.

A detailed breakdown of professional fees and Property Registration Authority fees will be provided in a statement. You will be kept up to date on all matters by email. Seamus Maguire and Co Solicitors strive to ensure that every purchase is completed as quickly as possible.

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